What border have you crossed? – 2015


This exhibition has now closed at Queens Museum, New York, we thank all visitors and the very helpful staff at the Museum!!

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Short project description
Interactive exhibition at the Queens Museum Partnership Gallery, New York City.
November 21 – December 31, 2015.

On November 21 there will be an opening seminar and programming as detailed by Queens Museum here: www.queensmuseum.org/events/what-border-have-you-crossed

“What border have you crossed?” is an interactive and inclusive Bordr concept exhibition. The exhibition ask its visitors to tell their own border stories in a variety of formats. The display in digital and analogue forms will grow and change constantly with input from the audience and no two visits will be the same! It will ultimately say as much about Queens as about the visitors, the local-global world they live in, and the borders they care about.

The exhibition is a direct descendant of the Project Borders Vision exhibition at the Steneby School of Design and Craft in Sweden in 2013 (image slide show above), and builds on the experience and networks created for the Project Borders Queens project that partnered with Queens Museum, Columbia University and The New School, in 2011.

It is the ambitious start of a global exhibition series of networked, connected Bordr exhibitions.

Borders explored
Queens – anywhere in the world
Visitor – exhibitor
Visionary borders
Digital borders
Mapping borders
Blackboard borders
Any border anyone can come up with

Interactive exhibition: Border drawings, blackboard, post-it notes, Bordr iPhone app, world-map whiteboard

Camera lending
(reference to projects Across African Borders, Project Borders Queens, Stateless in Jordan, and Borders of Dals Långed)

Show of concept and investigation into participatory audience inclusion methods on the theme of borders

Partners, funders and friends of Bordr, participants of the Queens Museum New New Yorkers program, interested general audience.

Project Period
Opening: November 21, 2015
Closing: December 31, 2015

Queens Museum
The Partnership Gallery
Flushing Meadows
Corona Park
New York City

Project results
To be figured out…

Inspired by
The exhibition is built entirely on a blueprint from our show at the Steneby School of Design and Craft in November and December 2013, and builds on the experience and networks created for the Project Borders Queens that partnered with Queens Museum, Columbia University and The New School, in 2011.

The exhibition in Steneby in turn built on experiences from participatory exhibitions at the Museum of Work in Norrköping and at the Not Quite artist collective. During these exhibitions we tested custom made versions of the Bordr iPhone app on interactive iPads in the exhibition halls. With great results. Inspired by artistic border exploration such as the Vandring – Vittring project, the Project Borders Vision took experimentation to a new level, and tested a whole range of new techniques to include the audience to tell their own stories.


José E. Rodriguez of the New New Yorkers program at Queens Museum was instrumental for making this show happen. He was a great inspiration and great help for Project Borders Queens, and encouraged the creation of Bordr. He is dearly missed.

Prerana Reddy, Nung-Hsin Hu, and Jason Yoon of Queens Museum are the best possible partners. Along with Mark Hansen and Michael Krisch of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation and many many others (list to be continued!)

Project coordinators at Bordr is Chrissie Faniadis, assisted by Marcus Haraldsson.


The official flyer and invitation from Queens Museum

The Bordr Project description and invitation click here for PDF version