Europe Grand Central becomes Global Grand Central

“Global Grand Central is a meeting place for organizations and individuals working to make the world a better place through inclusion, curiosity and empowerment.”

By changing the name from Europe- to Global Grand Central the EGC partnership – where Bordr has acted as initiators and serve as staff in central technical and operational functions – signals a long-term international ambition, and extend a standing invitation to organizations and individuals working on inclusive local projects anywhere.

Our aim, from the Bordr perspective, is to develop Global Grand Central into a reporting standard for inclusive projects to make the world a better place together.

Global Grand Central launches officially through a communication campaign by the end of February.

The platform has been built by an EU co-funded partnership of seven European culture organizations, led by Not Quite in Fengersfors, Sweden, and with European network Trans Europe Halles and mobility fund Roberto Cimetta among its list of formal partners. Over the first year and a half of the two year project, more than 35 local projects have been carried out in Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Palestine, and Morocco. The reporting of inclusive initiatives, ranging from puppeteering, across sloyd, photography, music, performances, graffiti, and textile arts (among many more audience inclusive art forms) has been used to iterate a dynamic, cross sectoral, social database of applied research and constructive reporting to develop the professional art of making people see each other. Explore the evolving Activities database here!

The first non-European users of the Global Grand Central platform include Queens Library in New York, one of the biggest library organizations in the US, and the Southern Africa Cross Border Traders Association gathering more than 70.000 cross border traders across ten Southern African countries. Both are longer term collaborators of Bordr.

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