Book on Bordr-method to be presented at the Göteborg Book Fair


At an event at Göteborg Book Fair on Thursday September 22nd, co-author (and Bordr co-founder) Marcus Haraldsson, and main editor Monica Haraldsson Sträng, will present the background of a new book including a chapter on Bordr-method – as one of many practical tools to further inclusion and cross-cultural practice in educational settings. The “mini-seminar” is organized by Liber Publishers and will be held at 12.30 at the Liber Publishers stand, C02:20.

The book is the outcome of a popular university course in “international and cross-cultural pedagogy” taught as part of the core curriculum for aspiring pre-school teachers at Gothenburg University Department of Education, Communication and Learning in early 2014. The course was very popular and the students asked to get more material and classes like it. The course leader Monica Haraldsson Sträng asked the guest teachers, from a wide range of academic disciplines and backgrounds to contribute, and most accepted the invitation. The resulting book – just off the prints and ready for courses starting fall 2016 – “Värdegrund och mångkultur i handling – i förskola, skola och andra pedagogiska verksamheter” (“Value systems and multiculturalism in practice – in preschool, school, and other pedagogical enterprises”) is the result of 2,5+ years of process. It has eight chapters with a total of 11 co-authors and is intended for use as university level course literature in pedagogy. Liber Publishers is Swedens leading educational publishing house producing university course literature across disciplines.

Marcus Haraldsson and Christo de Klerk has jointly written the chapter on Bordr-method – “Gränser som förenar – sökandet efter en referenspunkt för alla” (“Borders as connections – searching for a reference point for all”). It explains an interactive Bordr workshop in a school setting, and traces the theoretical roots of “border-connections” to the behavioral economical, social psychological, and game theory models of Daniel Kahneman, Henri Tajfel and Thomas Schelling. The attempt is to approach “others” searching for similarities instead of differences between age, gender, social, ethnical , linguistic, or national backgrounds.

More information about the book (in Swedish) and the web-shop of Liber Publishers here

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