School project kicks off in Bengtsfors


A pupils representation of the border between “USA” and “Other galaxies”. The border is perceived as very risky, expensive, and time consuming, but not very visible…

A two months school project using Bordr-method to explore stories of border crossings with 100 pupils aged 10 and 11 has just started at the Franserud School in Bengtsfors county, Sweden.

The project explores all kinds of borders crossed by the pupils using creative representation in subjects Swedish language and arts. The topic of “border-crossings” is open to interpretation as past borders, or visionary borders and topics range from life and death, to thoughts of growing up, friendships, food, horses, and ideas of other countries, and galaxies.

Project leader is Marcus Haraldsson of Bordr, and the project will result in a booklet, and possibly as part of an exhibition at the Not Quite Art Center during the summer of 2016.