Bordr-method explained in coming Swedish book


Bordr co-founders Marcus Haraldsson and Christo de Klerk will feature with a mutual chapter in the coming Swedish book “Värdegrund och mångkultur i handling – i förskola, skola och andra pedagogiska verksamheter” (roughly: Value systems and multiculturalism in practice – in preschool, school, and other pedagogical enterprises”) to be published by Liber Publishers in Stockholm, edited by Monica Haraldsson Sträng. The book, currently in prepublication, is scheduled for spring 2016, it is intended for use as university level course literature in pedagogy. It consists of eight chapters each focusing on a different aspect of learning, language, and inclusive methodologies, and Swedish teaching practice across cultures.

The chapter on Bordr-method – “Gränser som förenar – sökandet efter en referenspunkt för alla” (roughly “Borders that connects – searching for a reference point for all”) explains an interactive Bordr workshop in a school setting, and traces the theoretical roots of “border-connections” to the decision making, social psychological, and game theory models of Daniel Kahneman, Henri Tajfel and Thomas Schelling. More info to follow.