Bordr exhibition closes in New York, after amazing six weeks


The Bordr exhibition “What Border Have You Crossed?” at Queens Museum closed on New Years Eve after an amazing six weeks!

The start was spectacular with a Scandinavia House event organized by the Consulate General of Sweden in New York and as the exhibition got recommended by art critics of The New York Times, highlighted by the newspapers of Queens, and airtime on prime news channel NY1, among others. But most importantly, the audience seemed to like what they saw. Interaction was far above expectations with several hundred digital submissions of border stories by the Queens audience. On its last day alone we reached a record of 27 submissions on our wall mounted Bordr app iPad. (submitted border stories and drawings can be explored here: ) As the below photos shows, the analogue canvases of border stories, visionary, and geographical borders were no less popular!

It’s been a truly wonderful experience working with the passionate, knowledgeable, creative, flexible, generous, and extremely helpful team at Queens Museum, that have gone out of their way, and far beyond their responsibilities to help out. Danny, Guido, Nung-Hsin, Jason, Prerana, Arnie, Rachael, and all the rest, you are fantastic!!!

Now, it will take some time to gather all the experiences and dive into the lessons from Queens and develop even better inclusive methods going forward. Lessons, updates and follow-ups from Queens Museum will follow as we now turn most of our attention to extremely important border-story projects in Europe. Europe Grand Central, working with Not Quite, Trans Europe Halles and partners all across the continent!

Cheers and Happy New Year from Bordr!