Wrapping up first project meeting in Europe


Europe Grand Central, an EU-funded 24 month project to share methods of border exploration, and curiosity creation (where Bordr is a method partner), just wrapped up the first project meeting with all partners at the Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest, Hungary.

During two intense full days of workshops, and several more days of interactions, on the sidelines of the biannual meeting of the European network Trans Europe Halles (also a partner of the project), the foundation of a functional project was created, and concepts designed across five local inclusive art projects, a residency program with Arab artists, and a core method sharing website. The hope is to open up the mutual platform for wider participation during 2016. More news to follow.


Partners of the project are:

Project coordinators:
Not Quite ekonomisk förening, Fengersfors, Sweden
Partnering with:
Trans Europe Halles, The European Network of Cultural Centers
Fonds Roberto Cimetta, Paris, France
Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen, Germany
ODC Non-profit Theater Company, Athens, Greece
Assoziazione Laminarie, Bologna, Italy