Borders run across continents, they cut between emotions, and divide objects and ideas. There are everyday borders and life changing big ones, beautiful borders and very dangerous ones – and all of them affect us.

Bordr work with border exploration. We define a “border” as the space between two entities and develop concrete methods and projects to understand, define, and connect these in-between spaces on personal and global levels.

Bordr was discontinued as an organization in 2017, as some of our founders refocused to develop “Global Grand Central non-profit.”

However, our belief in the possibilities of Bordr as a method for finding common ground between humans remain. We look forward to pursue new projects, as individual artists and consultants.

We wish to thank all who have contributed to our work between 2014 and 2017!

Contact details below refer to the last iteration of the Bordr organization.
Original co-founders and board members also included Shriya Malhotra and Chrissie Faniadis

We were registered in Sweden on June 25, 2014, as a politically and religiously unaffiliated co-op, an “ekonomisk förening”.

Read our statutes here

Our board and co-owners are:

Christo de Klerk, Seattle
[email protected]
twitter: @sudocity
skype: @mujalifah
website: http://sudocity.com

Marcus Haraldsson, Bengtsfors/Stockholm
[email protected]
twitter: @haraldssonfoto
phone: +46 709438912
website: www.haraldssonfoto.se

Erik Faxgård, Stockholm
[email protected]

phone +46 727283141
more info: profile page at SKL International