Borders run across continents, they cut between emotions, and divide objects and ideas. There are everyday borders and life changing big ones, beautiful borders and very dangerous ones – and all of them affect us.

Bordr work with border exploration. We define a “border” as the space between two entities and develop concrete methods and projects to understand, define, and connect these in-between spaces on personal and global levels.

We were registered in Sweden on June 25, 2014 (reg nr: 769628-3378), as a politically and religiously unaffiliated co-op, an “ekonomisk förening”.

Read our statutes here

Our board and co-owners are:

Christo de Klerk, Seattle
twitter: @sudocity
skype: @mujalifah
website: http://sudocity.com

Marcus Haraldsson, Bengtsfors/Stockholm
twitter: @haraldssonfoto
phone: +46 709438912
website: www.haraldssonfoto.se

Erik Faxgård, Stockholm

phone +46 727283141
more info: profile page at SKL International